Vintage Finds

I have been loving all the vintage and vintage-look stuff out there lately.  My list of treasures to find at yard sales and antique stores is ever-growing.  On the way home from my annual haircut yesterday, I had a kid-free moment to run through an antique shop and I found boxes full of vintage lace.  I left with a nice pile of lace for mere pennies per yard.  Score!! 

A number of you have asked about the fabric I used to make Addie’s birthday dress, you can see her in all her cuteness by clicking here.  And this is how the fabric was bundled when purchased.

I used one jelly roll and one fat bundle for the dress, with plenty of leftovers (for party hats!!!).  I found these bundles on an end cap at Joann’s.  However, they have since cleared out quickly.  I was able to get my hands on one last set at my local store.  They have the little fat bundles left online, but they no longer have the jelly rolls, which is what you would need if you were going to do the long ruffles.  This was one of those sets of fabric that I wish I had bought a bunch of because I can’t find it anywhere else.  It is labeled “Fabric Central” and the name is Vintage (of course)!  If you see some, snatch it up quick.  If you find bolts of this stuff somewhere, please run home immediately and send me an email!!  You can also send me an email if I missed a question – I tried to get back to everyone, but sometimes I’m checking emails with crazy kids on my lap! 

As you can see from this pile of ruffles, I just might be working on another dress or two.  And I just might be putting them up for sale in my etsy store someday.  What’s that you say?  Etsy store?  Why, yes, I do have an etsy store, but it just so happens that my list of “personal” projects is so lengthy, I don’t currently have a single thing for sale in my store.  Sad, huh?  How will I ever fund my treasure hunting?

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