Today I am inspired.

I woke up today and I *knew* it was going to be a great day. I’ve been smiling all day, smiling as the girls smear tuna and candy cane across the house. It was fine, because I knew today was a great day and I was so very thankful that they were happy and pleased to have their cute little mittens on the snacks and on the furniture. I also made a craft with Liv. Since she’s so excited to be turning four in just over a month, the inevitable “How many more days until…?” has been coming up quite frequently. Myself being quite visual, I decided that we should make one of those paper chains and begin the count down!! So Livi and I pulled down the calendar and counted the days until her birthday (did you know that she can read the number 27?) Cool, huh! Then I got out some scraps of paper in blue and green (to represent her mermaid party) and the mandatory pink, and we got to cutting 34 strips. Then, we did some patterning up at the island and, since I was having a great day, I was oh-so-patient as we practiced pink-blue-green over and over until we had 34 links stapled together and strewn over the kitchen chandelier. I reflected on how great I felt having done a craft AND managed to throw in quite a bit of enrichment, what with the counting, cutting (okay, so the cutting only produced three strips) number recognition, and patient patterning. Even Gracie was chanting pink-blue-green along with us. She also pushed Addie around the kitchen in the swing so that Addie could get a closer look and get enriched, too. Off to naps for everyone and I pulled my project for the afternoon – making a paper bird mobile. Tracing and tracing, I thought about how I wished that I had more activities to do with the kids. The planning and getting materials ready is really the tough part. I also thought about how awesome it would be if I could feed my soul with a little crafting and simultaneously enrich the girls’ days! And it came to me in a big rush of overwhelming inspiration. I am beginning this dream of mine, it’s me. Inspired. It is truly a great day.

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