My To-Do List

I like lists.  A lot.  I like making lists.  I like crossing things off my lists.  I really like to add things that I have already finished to my current lists, just so that I can cross them off.  I have all kinds of lists titled with all kinds of subjects.  Indoor Projects. Outdoor Projects.  Emails to send.  Work tasks to do.  Things to buy.  Things to buy when I win the lottery . . .

Over the weekend, we did a little reorganizing in the garage.  I came across this old mirror that we’ve had stored for quite a few years.  It just didn’t quite fit with this house and I hated to get rid of it since it was an antique.  But since I wasn’t using it in its current state, I took the plunge and gave it a makeover.  Removing the mirror from the frame, I hesitated at the 1943 stamped date before spraying it with a number of coats of chalkboard paint.  Then I painted the frame with some of our leftover trim paint.  Initially I was going for a nice smooth finish on the paint to coordinate with the door trim it would be hanging next to.  But, the first two coats were not as smooth as I wanted and I thought it might help to sand it down a little before adding another coat of paint.  When I sanded it, though, I loved the distressed look so much that I just sprayed the whole thing with a quick coat of clear paint.  Reassembled it with its new chalkboard and sent my man to Home Depot late Saturday night to get new hardware to hang it. 

I am really, really excited about how this turned out.  So glad that I painted that mirror I’ve been hanging on to.  And SO glad that I bothered to get out the sandpaper.  I found a few other “someday” projects out in the garage that I’d like to get to work on.  I’m adding them to my lists.

Isn’t it funny how the to-do lists grow exponentially with each thing that you cross off? 

update:  I’ve since cut “notes” out of white vinyl and it holds nicely at the top of the chalkboard. 

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