Inspired by Second Sister: April Meeker


Last November, I had the opportunity to play at the best event ever for crafty girls such as myself.  Spark was so incredible – two full days surrounded by others who create!  And the ladies who put this event together – Lizzy, Rhonna, and Margie – just announced that there will be a Spark no. 2.  Woohoo!  Very exciting, right?  I so hope I can go again this year, perhaps without three children and a superhero husband waiting in the hotel room…..

Anyway…..on the second day of Spark, we were treated to specialized classes from some very talented ladies.  This included a very cool jewelry class where I made the fun necklace in the picture above.  Along with Margie, the jewelry class was taught by April Meeker.  If you aren’t familiar with her jewelry, check it out!  She is truly amazing!  I especially love the bird pieces she has recently posted on her blog.  I also envy the ladies who get to wear those gorgeous silk flower necklaces.  Her work is just so unique and brave and cool!!  At Spark, she was wearing these incredible earrings that she had made – they were birdcages and so eye-catching.  If you have a piece of jewelry by this woman, it is sure to be special!  April just launched her new website and is, get this, giving away a blog makeover.  Well, I could SURE use a blog makeover.  Crafty, I am.  Techy, I am not.  You can always enter for a chance to win, too.  Head on over and get in on the fun!  (Or just soak in all the delicious pictures.) 

btw, did you see this paper flower wreath that April made?  Yep, added that to my to-do list!

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