How to Pursue a Career in Newspaper Layouts

If you have a love for newspapers but aren’t a writer or an editor, you may be wondering how you can still pursue a career in the newspaper world. If you are a creative person that enjoys designing, newspaper pagination may be the perfect career field. Most page layout positions at newspapers now use design software for layout purposes instead of the old processes of cutting and pasting articles on paper. Here are a few tips on how to pursue this career if you think it is the correct fit for you.

Getting a Degree

The best way to increase the chance you will be selected for the page layout staff at a large newspaper is to earn an education in a design related field. Most universities offer graphic design degrees and these programs should help you learn all that you need to know to pursue a career in newspaper pagination. If you think you are able to, it may also be to your benefit to pursue a second minor degree in newspaper journalism. Although you will be required to write articles in these journalism classes, they can provide wonderful insight into the structures of news stories that you can then use in your pagination career.

Finding a Job

After you earn a degree, begin sending out applications to local newspapers. You will likely need to start small with this career by working for local papers before you can begin applying for larger national newspapers. When you are still in college, you should also work in the layout department of your college newspaper to begin building examples of your work.

What to Expect

When you do finally get a job as a newspaper pagination specialist, you should be prepared to work long hours. The newspaper world is fast paced and odd hours are often needed to meet the daily deadline of having the newspapers arrive on people’s doorsteps each morning. However, the satisfaction of knowing you met your deadlines and created an attractive looking product is well worth the time you will need to dedicate to the job.

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