How to Pursue a Career in Literature

If you love literature and want to pursue a career that includes analyzing literary works and helping expose others to the beauty of these works, you have many options. This is a unique career field that often includes a few top positions with high demand. Therefore, to increase your chances of being successful in a literature related career, you should attend a local college or university to earn an English or other literature related degree. Once you have completed your coursework, you can then begin searching for the perfect job that will expose you to literature each day. Here are a top few career choices to assist you in the search process.

Professor of Literature

One of the most competitive literature related career fields is being a professor at a college or university. These are competitive positions because they pay well and give you a great deal of freedom in your career. However, to become a successful professor, you must not only have a passion for literature, but also a passion for teaching others about literature. Additionally, you will be required to continue your education and earn more than a bachelor’s degree to qualify for such a position.

Literature Review Host

If you prefer self-employment, you could test how many people in your community are interested in literature by hosing literature review gatherings. Depending on how you organize these gatherings, you could charge for attendance and lead the discussions by providing any professional insight you have gained from your coursework and other sources. These review sessions can be a great way to meet other people who hold a love for literature and also to become more involved with your community.

Become an Editor

If you are interested in new literary works and in hopefully discovering the next classic author, then you may want to pursue a career in book editing. Being an editor means you can provide input on literary works and read new novels before anyone else. However, to be successful in this career, you must also have advanced editing knowledge.

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