Finding a Mentor for a Newspaper Career

Regardless of if you trying to pursue a career as a newspaper journalist or editor, it is wise to find a mentor that can guide you through the process and tell you what to expect during your years of working for a newspaper. Mentors are people within your career field who are willing to act as information outlets whenever you have questions or need guidance. The following are a few ways you can find mentors and how you can utilize their expertise.

College Professors

If you are attending college or attended college, then you likely met many journalism professors during your years in school. Most journalism professors are retired journalists that spent many years working for newspapers. As such, these professors can be great mentors that can help you in the process of finding a job with a newspaper as well as telling you what to expect during your career. During your time in college, you likely loved some professors and weren’t too fond of others.

If there is a specific instructor whose opinion you greatly value and whose classes you always tried to take, then you may want to approach them for being your mentor. The manner in which you pursue this mentor, mentee relationship will depend on your personality. Most often, people don’t explicitly ask someone to be their mentor but instead begin approaching them for advice and then the mentorship develops from this point.

Other Options

Of course, there are many other options besides professors that can act as your mentor. If you know any other journalists that are currently working for newspapers or other professionals that you think would make great mentors, then these are the ones you should choose.

Return the Favor

After you have used the advice of a mentor and established a career as a newspaper journalist, you should return the mentoring favor that was extended to you. If any new journalists approach you for advice, you should take the time to help them even if it means a setback in your schedule.

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