Everyday Life

This chair is my favorite thing in my kitchen.  It was my grandmother’s chair – the one that we all fought over  at Thanksgiving dinner.  The one that sat next to Granny’s kitchen counter for easy resting during phone conversations on her green rotary phone.  The one that mom brought home to me after “winning” the random drawing held between the sisters and brothers to divvy up all the special memories after Granny was gone.  The one that sat in my garage for several years – old and weathered, the faded aqua oilcloth split open to reveal the worn and yellowed cushion.  When I finally found the perfect cloth for its new home, I began the process of taking apart the chair.  I spray-painted the aqua metal bands and steps and carefully rebuilt the chair back and the seat.  Being the first project using my hand-stapler, I think I became instantly hooked on upholstering possibilities.  The oilcloth stretched so nicely and the tacks added just the right vintage touch.  It makes me so happy to have Granny’s chair in my home.  I like to look at the paint splatters still on the treads of the steps and imagine her touching up a worn patch on the wall.  Or reaching up into a high cupboard to get down ingredients to prepare a pie.  I like to think about what it might have been like to be her, raising seven children, taking care of her family and her home.  I am so grateful to have this piece of her everyday life.


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