Easter Mini-Album

The weather is warming up, the days are getting longer, and the girls are all growing way too fast.  I was looking at the bin of summer clothes for Gracie today and I couldn’t bring myself to get them out.  I feel like I just put them away; it seems like Olivia was just running around in those very clothes.  Time passes too quickly on days like this and I start to panic that I’ve let moments slip by that I won’t remember.  Even through scrapbooking, photographing, and now, bloggging, I often feel like I’m only capturing the tip of the iceberg.

Two Easters ago, Olivia wore one of the outfits that I saw folded in that box this afternoon.  I went into my office and thumbed through the mini-album I created to capture those sweet memories and it just made me smile.  In case you’re looking for a bit of Easter inspiration, I thought I’d share the album.

There is no rhyme or reason to the album.  I used two pieces of 6×6 clear acrylic for the front and back covers.  The rest of the album is just cardstock adhered back to back.  I added in pages in a variety of sizes to include journaling blocks and to highlight favorite photos.  I hole-punched the sides of each sheet and joined the album together with rings embellished with a whole mess of ribbon.
If you’re looking for a way to display your mini-albums, I highly recommend these cheap picture stands.  I think I picked a few up at Michael’s for just a buck or two.  They are subtle and display a little album in any space.
I’m putting this album out with my other Easter decorations – I forgot how much I love it.  I was able to write down the cutest little things from our celebrations that year and document old and new traditions.  When I’m feeling nostalgic about the girls at an earlier age, flipping through these pictures certainly helps.  It’s better than freaking out that they’re growing too fast.  Ali Edwards said something about preserving memories this week – “Whatever you’re doing, it’s good enough.”  I needed to hear that.

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