Dingy to Darling

Ruffles and fabric flowers are popping up everywhere.  And I needed a little something green for Olivia to wear to school on St. Patrick’s Day.  I started fooling around and I got sort of carried away.  But it’s okay because the other girls need green attire for their 10-minute preschool walk-thru in the morning.  My favorite part of the project is the onesie makeover for Addie.  When a white onesie has made it’s way through two older sisters, it needs a bit more than Biz and Bleach.  I tried ruffles to spruce it up and I love the result.  Talk about dingy to darling!  Want to make one?  Here’s how I did it:
Pretty St. Patty tops ready for preschool:
A closer look at the fabric flowers for the hair or clothes:
I love the frayed edges.  You could go to the trouble of turning your edges or using a non-fraying material if you’re not feeling it, but this was so quick to do and it works for me.

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