Cutie Patootie

When I saw Megan’s ruffle bumsie a little while back, I knew I had to pick up a package of white onesies and perfect my ruffling technique.  I used her tutorial and serged each side of three 1.5-inch strips of fabric leftover from the aprons.  On my sewing machine, I increased the stitch length and turned up the tension as far as it would go.  I sewed straight up the center of each strip and it perfectly ruffled them.  Then I pinned each strip onto the bottom area of the onesie and sewed them into place.
I wanted to embellish the front of the onesie, so I cut out the letter “A” (for Addie) from coordinating fabric that was printed with the alphabet.  I used light weight Heat’n’Bond and ironed the letter onto the onesie using the package directions.  Added a few rolled fabric flowers and two leaves to the bottom.  Then I just used a regular stitch on the sewing machine and stitched around the edges of the “A” and the leaves, and over the top of the flowers.
The whole project took about 2 hours, while watching TV and chit-chatting.  I think Addie knew she was extra fancy in her onesie because she let me take a lot of pictures!  That or she was happy that I was letting her suck on an eye drop bottle.
A couple notes:
1.  On the next one, I may stretch the fabric on the bottom horizontally a bit while pinning the ruffles.  When I put the onesie on Addie, I had to be cautious to make sure that the stitches didn’t pop.
2.  I will add at least two more rows of ruffles below the placement of these three on the next onesie.  I love this one, but when she was crawling around, I thought it would be cute to have ruffles actually cover more of her bumsie.
3.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE how the letter applique turned out.  Now I want to order more of this fabric so that I can use it up and still have it.

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