Calling All Cupcake Lovers

Did you see the adorable cupcakes and mini-cake for Addie’s birthday party?  The body is made from a regular cupcake and the head is from a mini-cupcake turned on its side.  Ears and muzzle from mini-marshmallows, eyes and nose from chocolate-covered sunflower seeds, and tongue from pink Starburst candy.  I won’t say they weren’t time consuming, but I will say that they were worth the trouble!   I found the how-to in this book: Hello! Cupcake.  I could seriously look at this book for hours.  It has so many incredible ideas.  Just Love it!!





For the mini-cake, I just adapted the idea for the cupcakes into a larger version by using bigger cupcakes and regular sized marshmallows!  Instead of the chocolate covered sunflower seeds or Starburst tongue, I piped on the eyes, nose, and mouth.  I didn’t want her to choke! It turned out sweet!  I love it when things work out like that!