Building a Newspaper Journalism Career

Many people have hopes of becoming a newspaper journalist but never take the initiative to pursue the career. Some of these people give up after one attempt of trying to land a spot writing for a national newspaper while others simply don’t know how they should go about building their career. Here are a few tips on how you can become a newspaper journalist. Often times, many years of diligent work are required to land a well-paying position but they can be well worth the time.

Start Small

The best way to start a journalism career is to start small. Big time newspapers won’t consider hiring you if you have no previous experience or don’t have any clips of your published work. The best way to begin building published news clips is to write for your college newspaper or small local paper. Although these positions may not pay very well, you won’t have as difficult of a time trying to land a writing slot.

Keep a Good Reputation

As you writer, you never want to develop a reputation for being the reporter that is always missing deadlines and is forever asking editors for extensions. You should always do everything possible to meet your article deadlines because this will result in positive references from your previous employers when you are trying to land a writing slot at a popular newspaper.

Do Your Research

Of utmost importance when pursuing a career as a newspaper journalist is researching the articles that you write. Always double check the information that you receive and quote your sources accurately. If only one of the articles you write during your career has information inaccuracies or quotes a source incorrectly, your reputation as a journalist will be destroyed. By always double checking your facts, you will avoid such issues and will always be viewed as a credible journalist.

Hopefully by following these tips, you will be on your way to a successful career as a newspaper journalist. No matter what, always write objectively and accurately and you should have a long career ahead of you.

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