Boys Night Out

To the moms out there – Do the words “Boys Night Out” make you freak out a little?  It makes for just about the longest day ever, right?  That early evening, pre-dinner hour hits and you know that your backup is not going to walk through the door no matter how long you hide in the pantry pulling out your hair.  When we were kids and dad was gone overnight for work, mom made blueberry pancakes for dinner.  It was awesome.  So, at about 11 am today (aka Boys Night out), while packing three kids into the car to head home from gymnastics (don’t forget the mandatory stop at Old McDonald’s), I decided we would be having pancakes for dinner.  At about noon, with the dread of the long afternoon and evening mounting in my head, I made another decision.  I needed to turn “boys’ night” into “girls’ night.”  And so the afternoon began.  We called up Grammy and Auntie and invited them for a girls only, dress-up dinner.  Of course, they accepted the invitation.  Littlest girls to bed and Livi and I went to work with the preparations. 
The Recipe:
The table was set, the food was prepped, everyone woke up from naps, and we all picked out our fancy dresses and high heels.  Blush, mascara, eye shimmer, and lipgloss to go around.  Some quality time in mommy’s jewelry box.  While we waited for our guests and the dinner cooked, the girls climbed up to the table and pretended to eat from the fancy dishes.  Until they found the sugar bowl . . . 
The party was great, much better than the sugar crash that followed, and WAY better than struggling to make it to bedtime without a daddy around. 
One final decision – I’m gonna make this a monthly thing, he says “boys night out”, I say “girls night in!!”  Stay tuned . . .

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