Becoming a Newspaper Editor

If you have been working as a newspaper journalist but aren’t enjoying it and think you would make a better editor, you are likely wondering how to make the switch. If you have never before worked as an editor, you are also probably wondering if you will be happy in that realm of the newspaper world either. Here are a few qualities that editors typically possess as well as how you can make the switch to assist in your decision.

Editor Qualities

To be a newspaper editor, you must have a dedication to finding the facts. You will work as a fact checker for the articles that you edit and the responsibility for inaccurately published articles will be partially placed on your shoulders. Therefore, one of the main qualities that you must possess as an editor is diligence in always double checking every source and facts that are listed in the articles you check.

As an editor, you must also be patient. It takes times to thoroughly read through every article. You don’t want to rush through the articles that you are editing because this will result in you missing inaccuracies and a reduced credibility as an editor. You must also be patient with the writers you are editing for. It is sometimes tempting to become angry with writers for the errors in their articles but you must always address the errors in a professional manner.

Making the Switch

If you decide that switching to being an editor is the right move for you, there are many ways to go about making the switch. If an editing position is currently available at the newspaper where you currently work, you should approach the person in charge of hiring and express your interest. You should ask what you need to do to apply and how to increase the chance that you will be selected for the job. If you don’t feel that an editing position would go well at your current newspaper because you will be editing the articles of your fellow writers, then you may need to look for another newspaper.

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