apricot season

The girls always ask me to tell them stories of when I was a little girl.  It makes for interesting conversation as they try to wrap their little heads around images of me when I was their age.  I usually find myself telling them stories about my grandma’s house, especially summer memories.  Picking fresh apricots from the tree, swimming in the local creek, running around and climbing trees with my cousin in my granny’s yard – these playful times have such a strong presence in my summer memories. 
Instead of tackling yard work over the long weekend, we just played.  The apricots are ripe on mom’s trees and we spent some time picking fruit and baking some yummies.  I found the cooking and packaging of these jars of jam to be very gratifying. They just embody domestic loveliness.

And I came across this recipe for Apricot Oat Bars.  The bars are crumbly and buttery, with just enough oats and walnuts to convince you that calling them breakfast is a-okay!  I am on the hunt for some more apricot recipes as there is still plenty of fruit left on the trees.  Do you have a recipe to share?

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