a place to play

The playroom was not originally finished when we built our house three years ago.  It was left unfinished and stuffed to the brim with boxes that we didn’t want to unpack and furniture [that I very much intend to refinish someday] for which we have no place in our house.  I can still picture myself flipping through Pottery Barn Kids catalogs and commenting that it was a REALLY good thing that I didn’t have a playroom to decorate because I wanted everything.
When I returned to work full-time after my second daughter was born, the commutes, the emotional adjustment, the exhaustion, led us into a frenzy of readying the house so that we could sell it and move to a home that would allow me to stop working.  We called our contractor to finish that unfinished space – we needed the square footage to sell.
Then God intervened.  Out of the blue, my husband was offered a local job, and I was able to drop to part-time work, from home.  We didn’t sell the house, but we did have a big, empty, undecorated playroom.  Oh, and no money to buy one of everything from Pottery Barn (or even one of anything, for that matter).  I was lacking inspiration until Lizzy posted pictures of her CHA booth for the debut of her new craft line, dear Lizzy.  I started gathering picture frames and shadow boxes from around the house that weren’t in use.  I picked up a few more at thrift stores.  I painted them a uniform white and filled them with various collages using the dear Lizzy spring line of paper, fabric paper, and embellishments.





I finally got to put together one of those fab butterfly collages seen around the web.



The collage is centered above the kids’ art table in the playroom.  I included a 12×12 piece of thick corkboard, covered with a sheet of the adhesive-backed fabric where the girls can pin up their artwork.




The wall is not done, of course.  I will be adding a chalkboard, maybe a whiteboard, a couple more corkboards.  Who knows – I have a good stash of supplies leftover.  I think it will be cheaper fun to add to the wall when I am coveting something in the latest PBK catalog an idea catches my fancy.


How are you covering your walls?